Dr.Jitesh Shetty:India's Best Dermatologist to Opt For


Dr. Jitesh Shetty is one of India's most renowned dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and hair transplant specialists. He is widely recognized as an expert in anti-aging and enjoys a great deal of popularity in the entertainment industry, the corporate world, and the international community in both India and abroad.


     Dr. Jitesh Shetty is an expert in administering BOTOX and fillers, and also utilizes the "Fine Thread Contouring Method" to subtly lift sagging contours on the face and body.

     He introduced BOTOX treatment in 2001 for Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) on palms and soles, making him a pioneer in India. With a keen eye for subtlety, Dr. Jitesh Shetty artfully disguises his magical face transformations using Botox and fillers, leaving everyone guessing and marveling at the beautiful results.

     He is a pioneer in dermo cosmetology, a rapidly developing field of science that employs technology to improve people's lives.

     Dr. Jitesh Shetty's business philosophy is founded on the belief that striving for excellence in all areas of one's work is necessary for success. His persistent dedication to perfection has driven him to continually push the limits of what is possible in the healthcare and technology sectors.



Dr. Jitesh D Shetty's vision is to become a philanthropist and make valuable contributions to society at large. He aspires to become a globally recognized person of importance.


Early Life and Career

Dr. Jitesh Shetty was born into an upper-middle-class family in Mumbai. His mother worked for a bank, while his father owned restaurants. Also, he has two younger brothers: Jeevan, a doctor in Dallas, Texas, and Jairaj, a restaurateur in Mangalore, India.

He endured a traumatic loss when his father died suddenly of a heart attack at the age of 49, but he persisted and went on to establish a prosperous family business, beginning with restaurants and later branching out into the construction of residential flats and the entertainment industry with discotheques.

After achieving significant wealth and success by the age of 25, Dr. Jitesh Shetty pursued his postgraduate degree in Dermatology again at his mother's insistence. Despite his initial reservations, he qualified for a seat in Dermatology through his entrance exam. At that time, there was no concept of Cosmetology within the field of Dermatology.


Regarding his schooling and professional background, Dr. Jitesh Shetty earned both an MBBS degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dermatology, Venerology, and Leprology from the famed Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, in Karnataka, India.


However, His dream was to become a top Cardiothoracic surgeon or Cardiologist and wished to settle in the USA like so many of his generation at that time.

Further career highlights


Dr. Jitesh Shetty is renowned as one of the best injectors globally. He also incorporated the revolutionary technology of laser hair permanent reduction in his clinics.


     In 2007, he was awarded the "Priyadarshini Indira Gandhi Award" when his first child ‘Arjun’ was born and began an expansion program to set up clinics across India, starting in the South where his forte lie.


     In 2010, Dr. Jitesh Shetty founded the Indian Institute of Cosmetology (IIC) in Mumbai, which was arguably India's first organized cosmetology training institute. This year he was also blessed with a baby girl ‘Aishwariya’. The institute trained doctors from all over the country and even globally.


After that, his students established franchises under his clinic's name all throughout the nation, including in Silvassa, Hyderabad, and Chennai. In 2011, Dr. Jitesh Shetty began studying FUE hair transplantation. As his knowledge of the procedure expanded, the Kingdom of Bahrain invited him to establish a renowned skin and hair transplant clinic there. He was connected to renowned Dr. Patrick Tracy, a former physician for the late Michael Jackson.


There is still plenty to discover and talk about Dr. Jitesh Shetty; this is merely the conclusion of his introduction. He has a variety of skills and is a multi-talented cosmetic expert.


     His high-density implantation with an astonishing 80 hairs or more per square centimeter of scalp demonstrates his mastery of FUE hair transplantation.

     Dr. Jitesh is proficient in addressing acne vulgaris, a common skin ailment that can affect teens' careers and self-confidence, in addition to these difficult procedures. Additionally, he has created a difficult-to-treat treatment for hyperpigmentation.

     TATTVAM and TVAM Beauty Kitchen are two organic brands of cosmetics founded by Dr. Jitesh Shetty.


Dr. Jitesh Shetty has a diverse range of interests and specialties. He conducts research on nutraceutical formulations using unique and rare molecules such as Omega 7, as well as other vital nutrients for health and well-being. Additionally, he is an established aromatherapist who integrates this ancient form of healing therapy into his dermatology practice.


Dr. Jitesh has also studied and has a keen interest in the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda. As a highly acclaimed orator, he has given talks at various medical conferences and international social forums, including Rotary Club and Lions Club International.


New Venture

Dr. Jitesh Shetty was the only postgraduate student at his medical institute who was interested in treating the widespread skin ailment known as acne vulgaris. He earned the moniker "the PIMPLE DOCTOR" as a result. In 1998, after finishing his further studies in London,he returned to India.


Interestingly, Dr. Jitesh D Shetty's first flagship clinic was in Udupi, a small town in Karnataka, India in 1999, a town with high awareness of cosmetology. In 2000, he established Tvam Skin and Hair Clinic with branches in Mumbai, Bangalore, Mangalore, Udupi, and Silvassa, and visiting clinics in Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Calcutta, and Pune.


     In October 1999, he made the decision to start his own clinical practice and was one of the pioneering doctors to introduce the concept of a Medical Spa in India.

     In 2010, he established the Indian Institute of Cosmetology, the country's first specialized training institute for budding cosmetologists.

     Dr. Jitesh Shetty has won several national and international awards and is a renowned KOL (Key Opinion Leader) in his field.

     Later, Tvam opened its first international branch in Bahrain in 2013.


Dr. Jitesh Shetty introduced AROMATHERAPY, an ancient Indian beauty therapy in his medical practice, which he picked up from London ironically.



Dr. Jitesh Shetty's dedication to his craft has resulted in numerous accolades and recognition. He won a GOLD MEDAL in his last year of post-graduation. His innovative ideas have been a significant influence on the growth of his practice, and he has been playing a significant role in the creation of several groundbreaking medical innovations.

In addition to raising people's self-esteem, his methods are  risk-free and without side effects. All of his patients have experienced a smooth and secure procedure thanks to his understanding of procedures.

Dr. Jitesh Shetty's journey is a testament to the fact that taking risks and daring to try new things can lead to personal growth and success. His story of overcoming obstacles and achieving success through hard work and determination is an inspiration to all.


Awards And Proud Mile Stones


     Fame National Awards 2023 [ Times Of India, Brands Impact ], “Most Trusted Derma Cosmetologist In Mumbai ".

          Leadership Award 2022, Indo-American Chambers Of Commerce And Indian Achievers Forum, New York, USA

          “Certificate Of Excellence Award 2022" By Aicl, India, ( Risk Management Company

     ●     Leadership In Health Care, Skin And Hair Nutrition, 2021- 2022 ", Eminent Research Survey, USA

          International Excellence Awards 2020, Madrid, Spain For Excellence In Dermatology, Cosmetology, And Hair Transplant, 2020," Conferred By The President Of Spain At Madrid.

          Most Admired Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, And Hair Transplant Specialist Of The Year 2019- 2020 " Conferred By Eminent Research, A Us-Based Organization.

          “Global Award For Customer Satisfaction" Conferred In Dubai, 2013

     ●     Gem Of India Award, 2010

          Man Of The Year Representing India, 2008, " Conferred By The American Biological Society.

          Rajiv Gandhi Award", Conferred By the Government Of Chennai, 2008.


Future Plans

 Realizing that almost every human being on this planet wishes to look good thereby boosting self esteem and self confidence, Dr Jitesh Shetty wishes to take his magical remedies and make them available across the globe. He wishes to use the potential and reach of the internet to achieve this goal. We do wish this dream will see fruition soon so that the maximum number of people can be benefitted for a better looking future.