Ms. Puja Saluja: Pioneer of an Invisible Helping Hand

Studying abroad is a dream for many aspirants who want to venture into global platforms. These aspirants prefer studying in foreign countries in search of better opportunities, to experience a completely different environment, and expose themselves to new cultures and ethnicities.

They face a constant barrage of strategic opportunities, emerging trends, and best practices that pop up from any corner of the globe. To successfully exploit these opportunities, future leaders must learn how to interpret shifting landscapes and adjust priorities and strategies with high-level execution that can be achieved with overseas exposure.

However, every university has its laws and regulations which may become the hurdles for the students. These students are often completely unaware of the nuances of the processes and required documentation. As a result, they face many difficulties in the process. Ms. Puja Saluja, a trendsetting entrepreneur realised this, and launched the Dynamic World Education Community (DWEC) to empower students for global connectivity.

Under the tutelage of Ms. Puja Saluja, DWEC is a reckoning brand that is dedicated to the ambitious and focused students, who are looking to pursue and continue their education abroad and parents of such students, who are looking to provide with what they need to succeed in their life. With over 15 years of experience in the EdTech space, Puja brings energetic, inspiring, and practical insights, and strong business networking capabilities which help meet business objectives and growth.

Baby Steps

Since 2020, DWEC is a go-to platform with expertise in bringing confident and professional interventions to the Studying Abroad aspirants. DWEC adopts a single-window process to fill gaps in students’/parents’ understanding and lessen the administrative burden so that they will explore and gain insights on global practices. With 33000 students counseled, 81000+ courses, and 3300+ as affiliated education partners spread across 20+ countries, DWEC has come a long way.

DWEC’s single-window platform offers comprehensive services right from discovering and searching studying abroad opportunities, comparative evaluation to applying/shortlisting, counseling, scholarships, loan processing, and job placements besides the language test preparation (English – IELTS/PTE/German/GRE/SAT/TOEFL, etc.). It handholds students at every critical step so that they get an admission of their choice. Backed with a handful of Ivy League graduate counselors, mentors, and internal resources who are committed to building strong and unique profiles of students, DWEC manages the end-to-end cycle.

Progression through the Journey

DWEC boasts pride in the largest portfolio of affiliated partners and expert guidance. The DWEC’s attention to detail and their friendly, experienced experts have managed to create a thriving business with an impeccable reputation while protecting the interests of independent, impartial principles, and values which DWEC stands for.

DWEC is aware of critical factors such as spending and investing capabilities, program choice, preferred country, tailored list of suitable universities, where they can avail admission and scholarships in the easiest way and working opportunities available to students. Universities undergo an entirely effective profiling/review for all the students’ applications, so all the requirements are met well in time.

Right from the profile assessment/enhancement service, DWEC helps the student’s profile to stand out among thousands of applicants. At any point in time, the students can be confused about the choice of country/university. So, DWEC engraves the most scientific, modern, and holistic ways to analyze and help the student for landing into their dream college.

Puja said, “While working on the end-to-end application essays, SOPs, and series of processes, we are a blended team of managers operating in a preeminent manner. We handle all the personalized interview training with our experienced counselors, devices, and informative pre-departure orientation in the best way. DWEC helps you fulfill your ultimate goal of getting into your dream university in India or abroad!”

Role of DWEC

  • DWEC holds the hand and takes students across the finish line. Taking what’s good about them, and making it best, is what DWEC does and is proud of.
  • Expertise in the Studying Abroad domain that can be relied upon.
  • Be a guide towards a predetermined destination.
  • Lead with the offering.

The DWEC Approach

  • Knowledge: Gathering insights from students about their approach towards succeeding in their admission hunting and parents of these students to understand the role they play in the process.
  • Concept: Crystallizing the perceptions into winnable strategies for assured admission.
  • Logic: Arriving at the Strategy to create a desire for DWEC.
  • Confidence: Recommendations based on getting everything right for the students.

Puja said, “Right from reviewing the student’s profile to having a settlement across the foreign university – DWEC is your partner. We are an invisible helping hand that stands through the step-by-step profile building, university shortlisting, building the application essays, helping with SOPs, interview preparation, connection with the education loan providers, assisting throughout the pre-departure preparation.”

Services Bouquet

DWEC has designed services portfolios to uncover hidden complexity and offer customized

assistance bridging expectations and involvement.

  • Counselling: DWEC offers free personalized counseling services to all during their discovery phase. DWEC completely understands the student’s needs in terms of the most appropriate courses and institutions that can be selected for them. With amazing counselors that help in understanding the interests, aptitude, and suggestions about the best courses available, DWEC assists through counseling, application submission, IELTS guidance, offer letter management, how to apply, and visa application assistance.
  • Immigration/Visa: Visa/Immigration process is a tedious task, and for making it simple and affordable, DWEC dwells deep into the process of visa assistance proactively. By taking care of the visa applications for the students – through a dedicated team of lawyers who work towards global immigration and visa services. Once the aspirants enroll in the desired university, all the visa documentation and profiling is done by DWEC through online or offline mode so that processes are improved upon continuously.
  • Education Loan Assistance: DWEC manages the loan assistance for studying abroad and works closely with NBFC to assist students from documents collection and processing to the eligibility criteria to the loan disbursal.
  • Video Counselling: 1:1 counseling on topics like (1) How starting early is important? (2) Studying Abroad is important, so preparing for it is equally important, (3) How are technology and experts being used for customization? (4) How DWEC is doing personalization at scale? (5) Defining new precedence in overseas education,etc.

Operational Overview

  • DWEC’s growth story has a traditional hallmark of knowledge-sharing among the students. It continuously evolves the student’s and parent’s goals, anxiety, biases, problems, and benefits towards working abroad. It plans to drive the corporate lineage of B2B vertical operation by establishing a thought leadership and advisory council that goes within the DWEC. The business is strongly supported by communication that offers a series of structured conversations across the board.
  • With the strongest reasons for fulfilling the gaps in students/parents’ understanding, DWEC lessens the burden of exploring and insights for business globally.
  • With distinguished service portfolios, DWEC uncovers the most complex, nagging issues throughout students’ journey.
  • Providing customized assistance by bridging the expectations and understanding.
  • With accessibly aware content – DWEC motto is sharing and empowering.
  • DWEC offers video counselling with slot booking options to aid decision-making.

Earns recognition by meeting and exceeding evaluation parameters.

The Pandemic Tale

DWEC ensured that the students were provided with above-and-beyond services during the testing time of the pandemic to make their experience worth remembering. The admissions are regularly monitored, and the students/parents are kept informed about the latest developments on staying and working protocols in COVID-19 affected countries to streamline the onboarding cycles, a diverse number of concurrent activities, address any issues that they may have, and swiftly implement any changes.

The Future Lighthouse:

  • DWEC should be interpreted as an open book, ready to open minds and broaden them.
  • DWEC’s biggest endorsers will always be students and parents.
  • Evaluating college prospectus and admission forms should be done by parents along with expert counselors.
  • DWEC stars are counsellors suggesting growth and movements, connecting back to services offered.